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.tomorrow is another day.

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[25 Sep 2004|12:33am]


"Seventeen only comes once in a lifetime-dont it just fly by wild and free? going anyway the wind blew...Seventeen living on crazy dreams, rock and roll and faded blue jeans..and standing on the edge of everything."

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[28 Jul 2004|06:52am]
having an OC moment...im off to california for the week

weve been on the run, driving in the sun-looking out for number one
c a l i f o r n i a h e r e w e c o m e, right back where we started from

on the stereo, listen as we go..nothings going to stop us now
c a l i f o r n i a h e r e w e c o m e, right back where we started from
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[19 Jul 2004|03:23am]
well its getting colder
and youre getting distant
and i just keep thinking
that i never meant it to be like this
you know what comes next, so do i
you're begging for a way to gracefully bow out
and say goodnight
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[02 May 2004|09:30pm]
Your True Nature by llScorpiusll
The quality that most appeals to you:High Social Status / Wealth
In a survival situation, you:Fight, but reluctantly
Your hidden talent is:A beautiful mind
Your gift is:Sexual prowess
In groups, you:Are the entertainment
Your best quality is:Your generosity
Your weakness is:Your lack of sensitivity
Created with the ORIGINAL MemeGen!


[04 Apr 2004|10:44pm]
i dont like seeing my friends hurt. especially not like this.

spring break's on thursday..laura and i will be headed to myrtle beach to party it up and lay in the sand in our cute little bikinis..tanning all day long and watching the rednecks all night

marco and i are making some tube top dresses this week

if anyone's seen my drawing book please let me know asap!

i got my owen back! things are going great
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[09 Feb 2004|09:15pm]
drew left this weekend

act's saturday morning. i had to get up at 6 on my saturday. after, laur, jay and i went shopping for valentines day presents. i need help. what do guys usually want? saturday night we all just drove around, getting slurpies and new air freshners. haha the ghetto is fun, and so is driving around late at night listening to ben folds five and great stuff like rick springfield.

sunday i found out that my dad's looking for a new job in north carolina, which may mean that my senior year will be spent in a condo or an apartment with my mom while my dad's working at his new job in nc. that would split my family apart. i wouldnt be able to see my dad, i couldnt give him my nightly hug and kiss. he wouldnt be there to patronize me about guys and grades. nobody would yell at me about late night phone calls or missing curfew. i cried for a while about that.

oh well, ill think about that when it comes along.

im praying for spring/summer. i need to wear skirts and flip flops soon. i hate cold weather and the initial excitment over snow fades away pretty fast. christmas is over, january's over. just let it be spring. bring on the sunny days laying out in the sun.

i can't wait for next weekend, and then only 2 days next week. then winter break. five days off!
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[04 Feb 2004|05:33pm]
im so happy. things are going great.
just try to get this smile off my face.

got a 77 on my anatomy test, she misread and gave me an 87. got extra credit.
schools passing by slowly, but its passing. soon itll be summer.

photo, ceramics and gym keep me happy

drew just leftt

2 days til a great weekend

soon it will be spring break. me and laur laying on the hot sand of myrtle beach.

"she saw the lights,
she saw a pale english face.
some strange machines with beating beats
and a thumping bass.
visions of pills that put you in a loving trance,
and make it possible for all white boys to dance."
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[01 Feb 2004|09:08pm]
cmon panthers
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[27 Jan 2004|11:23pm]
i hate that i can't tell one person one thing without everybody finding out.
i hate how fast rumors spread.
i hate people who can't resist talking badly about other people.
i hate assumptions. i hate fighting more than anything else.

"Britney Spears is no longer an aspiring actress — having already starred in "Crossroads" — but for her next film role the singer is going to recall the days she was just starting out.

Spears has signed on to star in and produce an adaptation of author Tobi Tobin's "Door to Door," in which she'll play an ambitious teenager who tries to make it in Hollywood.. The story's narrator, like the author, is named Tobi. She leaves her small hometown of Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, at the age of 17 to model in New York"

ook.. britney spears is coming to where i live to make a movie?

[16 Jan 2004|03:09pm]

yeah i have absolutely no idea how to work this whole picture thing. help! but i think this is gonna show up. that's lily. my cousin's girlfriends dog..the one we bought from the trailer park. isnt she adorable? only 5 ounces or so.

more of an update later!
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[11 Jan 2004|12:58pm]
so friday afternoon i didn't really feel like just going to hang out at somebody's house like we usually do. i wanted to go see a movie or something but nobody else felt like doing that. they wanted to just go and hang out. at first i was just going to stay home and study for finals, but i went out anyways. we went to a friend's cabin just to relax and watch movies. the cabin's out on a lake and there's light's from buildings and houses across the lake and with the snow..i dont know its just so pretty. so yeah we had fun. one person had a little too much fun. they laid in a bath tub for a half hour or so. we turned the water on and he just sat there, not even realizing he was wet. then he ran out in the snow with his socks on. we danced around the house for the rest of the night. my friend called and she was at work, i guess she wasnt allowed to go out with her boyfriend unless she was with me cause her mom likes me..so she asked me to call her house and ask what time she got off work and make it seem like we were going out. i did and it worked i guess but she didnt actually tell me where she was going. at 130 her mom called my house because i guess she didnt come home and she was yelling at me and asking me where she was. i had no idea and havent been able to talk to her since then, i guess she got into a lot of trouble.

saturday morning i got up early and got dressed to go shopping for phones with drew. we went to the mall and i guess there was a weight loss program visiting. there was a line surrounding the railing of the whole third floor. and trust me, this mall is big. so we go to the mall and it turns out that there's only 2 or 3 phone stores. so we look in each and he can't find anything that he wants. so we go to hollister and then leave. i was driving, and i really hate driving to the mall because the traffic is always so crazy. as i left, i was driving and this guy pulls out RIGHT in front of me, literally an in away from my car. he had a blind turn and didn't see me coming. i paniced, had no idea what to do so i turned the wheel as fast as possible to the right and luckily made the turn right before i wouldve crashed into his car. that was one of the scariest things in my life. i saved my car! drew said i had good reflexes and that he would've probably just ran right into the car not knowing what to do. but i was so scared that i didnt feel comfortable driving anymore so drew drove my car to birmingham and we saw cheaper by the dozen. it was such a cute movie.

i got home around 4 or so and jay and i decidied to go to target. i dont know why i just love target. they have so much stuff there. stuff that you don't even need. so we went and i bought three cd's and some chips that i can never find. then we found these heart shaped stacked boxes that were tied together with a ribbon. and i knew that mark's plan had to be taken for that. i told jay that he should ask out megan by putting cookies in each of the boxes and then frosting them with will you go out with me. 2 words per each cookie in each box. he liked the idea so we're going back tuesday to buy the boxes and the frosting so he can ask her out wednesday. he wants their one month to be on valentines day. after that we left so i could be home in time to go out with krystina.

i went to my house, picked up what i needed for the night and left for krystinas. we went to rochester to see a movie, but then we went to great lakes crossing instead. we go there and i wanted some new pants so we went to windsor. earlier in the night this guy had called and she had really not wanted to talk to him, so i answered the phone and told him that she had left her phone at my house. he then told me to put in a few good words for him or something when i talked to her next. we go to the mall and pass the food court and guess who we see? the guy. she freaked out, i guess he wants to get on her. it was just so random. we ate at johnny rocket's and saw chasing liberty. it was a really cute movie but full of couples. krystina and i were the only two girls there so we probably looked like lesbians or something. we left and didnt have anything to do until 1230 so we went to go get gas because my car was on empty. she called this guy that she met at an msu party on her new cell phone..so he didnt know the number. he didnt answer, but called back a few seconds later..she didnt feel like talking so she gave the phone to me. stupid me picked up and was like "what??i cant hear you! im at a party!! did anybody call this Court guy?!?" and i held the phone up..yeah there was absolutely no noise in the car..not even music because shed turned it down. and i was like "nope nobody has if i find out ill tell them you called" and i guess he believed it? she called him a few minutes later and pretended she was somebody else so he wouldnt call again or something and he asked who he was talking to and krystina told him her name was andrea..and he goes "more like krystina" and she freaked out and hung up on him..sooo random. then we went to another gas station because i wanted a sobe and krystina stole my car while i was inside and pretended to leave me so i had a conversation with the guy behind the counter for a minute or two. owen and natalie called and they thought we were drunk so we went to visit them. theyd been studying for finals all night. then we went back to her house around 1230 and fell asleep around 3.

today i have to start studying for finals. ill probably end up going to the library. luckily all next week is half day's and i dont have a 5th hour final so mark and i dont have to go to school on friday. then next monday we dont have school so i get a four day weekend. sounds nice to me.
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[07 Jan 2004|10:07pm]
so you say that you care.
and you say that youre trying..

buuut im invisible to you..and even when i talk to you, you ignore me.
i dont get it and you won't explain.
i just want to keep you in my life..i didnt think id lose you altogether

or maybe im just overreacting and should face the facts that you probably dont really care. who knows.
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[06 Jan 2004|09:48pm]
my happiness as of right now consists of:

-sweet compliments
-dinner with my best friend
-mac n cheese
-almost getting what ive been wanting
-friends giving me essays =D
-new shows
-coldplay's the scientist
-being able to tell people how i feel
-talking to you.
-warm pjs and slippers
-my puppy in my lap
-getting out early tomorrow
-weekend plans
-gift cards just waiting to be used

dont even remind me about:

-my schedule next semester (nobodys in ANY of my classes.im all alone!)
-act's and sat's
-6 months until summer.
-its a frozen tundra outside
-christmas is over
-midterms next week
-songs that make me feel lonely and reminisce
-my lack of cds

how do i upload pictures from my phone to the web?

"every breath that i take is forgotton. and i hold on as tight as i can. and theres something about this tension-where this argument stands...i dont even know why we're fighting-yes its true i adore you."

[05 Jan 2004|08:53pm]
my friend just called me from maui. shes on her way back home and is going to be riding first class back all by herself. so we decided on a plan to keep her occupied, shes currently in the gift shop buying hawaiian souveneirs. on the plane ride home she'll entertain the stuffy, old rich people by playing a ukulele wearing hawaiian garments (lei's and a sarong) and singing the one hula song we know..."oh im going to a hukey lao..a hukey hukey hukey hukey hukey lao." what id give to be in maui singing hula songs to old, rich people right now.

just thought id share. taking a break from homework
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[04 Jan 2004|12:37am]
so i had a great break. i went to north carolina as usual. for most of the trip my brother was on the phone with his girlfriend and my cousin was out with his girlfriend. so that left me and my other cousin nick to hang out. we just played pool and watched movies. i helped out some drunks which is pretty much becoming a regular thing. i went shopping a lot over break as well. for christmas i got clothes, a new cell phone (my baby :D a little silver flip camera phone) money , a ring from tiffanys that doesnt fit :( and a knitting kit?? haha im gonna make my dog a sweater.

one day my cousin and his girlfriend and i decided that we would follow up on an ad in the paper for teacup chihuahuas. so we went out to shelby north carolina, the boonies. it took 2 hours to drive there. we had absolutely no idea what we were getting ourselves into. when we got there it was dark, the town reminded me of the town in texas chainsaw massacre...so i was freaking out. my cousin and his girlfriend hadn't seen it, so they werent as scared as i was. we pulled into this shady gas station to meet the guy so he could take us to see the dogs. we waited..and all of these cars went creeping past us..staring at my cousin. the guy finally came and we followed him to their trailer....... everything outside smelled like puke. we got inside and the lady pulled out two of the most adorable dogs ive ever seen in my life. of course i got attached to this tiny white one. both were 5 ounces and will only be one pound at full grown. they were soo cute. ashley bought one and we took it home, i took sooo many pictures of it on my phone. they named it lily. im in love. when i find out how to send the pics to myself from my phone to the internet ill post pictures of her. you'll fall in love too. she fits in ashley's purse and can wear socks as sweaters.

today i went shopping with laura. then tonight drew and i went out to pizza hut. then to go see peter pan..but it was sold out so we went to this scary theater and saw paycheck. i liked it a lot and usually i dont ever like action movies. after the movie we went to seven eleven to get slurpies..but they were sold out of the ones i wanted so he drove me all the way out to baskin robbins/dunkin donuts to get a strawberry banana smoothie :) now im at home watching saturday night live. tomorrow im off to the library with krystina to catch up on work. i still have to buy christmas presents! ahh

oh and yeah over break i found out some greeaaatt news ::rolls eyes:: unfortunately i made a few mistakes about someone i chose to hang out with. mistakes only make us stronger though.

"Life is not what i thought it was 24 hours ago..
there's 24 reasons to admit that im wrong,
with all my excuses im still 24 strong.
you see im not coping out...
24 voices with 24 hearts
and all of my symphonies in 24 parts.
But i want to be one today, centered and true."
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[03 Jan 2004|01:41pm]
im hoooomee!

i got home last night earlier than i expected but still sorta late. i went out to dinner with the girls at max and ermas. of course there was drama but oh well. krystina drove my car around the rest of the night and i slept over at her house. she had cheerleading thing at 9 this morning so i woke up and drove home and fell back asleep. now laur and i are headed to return stuff at the mall.

ive missed you all!! ill write a longer entry and catch up on all of your journals when i get home.
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[21 Dec 2003|12:18am]
im leaving for north carolina in the morning. ill be gone until january first. yup just in time to miss the new years parties. everybody have a lot of fun, i wont be able to post while im there, but expect a long one when i get back. i can still comment on your entries though. so have a lot of fun!

have a great christmas/hannukah ("holiday season" haha mark) and new years!
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Can't make it alone-Ive built my dreams around you. [19 Dec 2003|11:58pm]
three words to describe tonight..weird, crazy and random

i took kim to go get her paycheck at the palladium and some guy outside was talking to us..and then inside we waited around for somebody. went back to a house..got caught for some stuff. everybody was worried and upset for the rest of the night. im all good though.

random compliments during the day made me feel good..i can't wait til christmas. my secret santa loved all the stuff that i got her. everybody was playing with it. and my own secret santa-kim haha got me a hollister gift card. everybody was in a good mood today because it was our last day before break and pretty much every class was subsitutes and movies.

tomorrow i think im hanging out with amber during the day then drew and maybe sevo and mike if sevo isn't in too much shit. sorry sevo about everything..i love you.

yeah tonight made me realize how much i love all my close friends..if any of you are reading..well just know i love you and ill always be around.

but im exhausted and have to get up early tomorrow to pack.

"i turned my face away and dreamed about you. got on a lucky one-came in eighteen to one. i've got a feeling this year's for me and you. so happy christmas, i love you baby. i can see a better time when all our dreams come true."
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[17 Dec 2003|04:30pm]
-remember: "if i thought i was a christmas tree and wore lights and ornaments on myself, would you still love me?" yeah i still remember that. i remember a lot. i miss being your friend.

ive been remembering a lot today. but ive also decided that its probably time to move on from everything that's hurt me in the past. ive said it before but i really think its time.

mark came over after school today to study, but we ended up watching MTV2 and eating pizza. productive? i dont think so. then i fell asleep. im so screwed for my tests tomorrow.

i have to go to lainie's get together tonight i donno what im gonna do! falling asleep really wasnt a good idea

im leaving for north carolina on sunday :( im going to miss everybody so much
we're gonna make friday and saturday great!
no fighting, no problems. just us and an empty house haha

i got a 100 on my photography portfolio! but i turned it in a day late, so my thematic series got mark down to just an A. but she kept my photo transfer for display. i think thats the only thing shes ever kept. and it was the one thing i wanted. oh well.

"remember when i was young and so were you and time stood still and love was all we knew. ..remember when we gave our hearts, made the start-it was hard. we lived and learned, life threw curves..there was joy, there was hurt."
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[16 Dec 2003|10:40pm]
unexpected sweet things make me happy.

i cant stop smiling. my cheeks are starting to ache

but i dont want to hurt you.
what do i do?

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